My Wall Street Journal Interview with Elizabeth Bernstein: How to find the right therapist and get the most out of therapy when you do

“Will You Be My Therapist? Expert Advice on Finding the Right One: Chicago Psychiatrist Prudence Gourguechon on How to Get the Most From Psychotherapy”, Elizabeth Bernstein, “Bonds”, Wall Street Journal September 22, 2014.   The most important components of a therapeutic relationship are a “good fit”– a feeling that you and your therapist are on […]

¿Qué es una buena Terapia?   My blog post on “What is Good Therapy?” was translated into Spanish by my colleague De: Adela Escardo and posted on the website of the Peru Psychoanalytic Society (Sociedad Peruana de Psicoanalisis) La invitación de para escribir un artículo me inspiró a responder a una pregunta obvia pero no fácil: Presumiblemente los “buenos terapeutas” hacen buenas terapias. […]

What is Good Therapy?

  Originally published August 23, 2013 on The invitation from to write an article inspired me to try to answer an obvious but not easy question:  Presumably “good therapists” do good therapy.  What is good therapy anyway? It seems to me that potential patients are certainly entitled to an answer, and we practitioners should be […]