My Wall Street Journal Interview with Elizabeth Bernstein: How to find the right therapist and get the most out of therapy when you do

“Will You Be My Therapist? Expert Advice on Finding the Right One: Chicago Psychiatrist Prudence Gourguechon on How to Get the Most From Psychotherapy”, Elizabeth Bernstein, “Bonds”, Wall Street Journal September 22, 2014.   The most important components of a therapeutic relationship are a “good fit”– a feeling that you and your therapist are on […]

¿Qué es una buena Terapia?   My blog post on “What is Good Therapy?” was translated into Spanish by my colleague De: Adela Escardo and posted on the website of the Peru Psychoanalytic Society (Sociedad Peruana de Psicoanalisis) La invitación de para escribir un artículo me inspiró a responder a una pregunta obvia pero no fácil: Presumiblemente los “buenos terapeutas” hacen buenas terapias. […]

What is Good Therapy?

  Originally published August 23, 2013 on The invitation from to write an article inspired me to try to answer an obvious but not easy question:  Presumably “good therapists” do good therapy.  What is good therapy anyway? It seems to me that potential patients are certainly entitled to an answer, and we practitioners should be […]

Why psychoanalysis? in 2 sentences: We are mistaken if we believe our childhood fears ever leave us entirely.–Naomi Shragai

“One should remember that our childhood fears never leave us entirely. We are mistaken if we believe that fears have no place in our adult or work lives – they can surface any time and travel with us everywhere. ” Naomi Shragai, The Financial Times.  “That Fear of Being Found Out”.